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i’ve been caught up with vampire diaries. ITS DAMN AWESOME. its so exhilarating its addictive. you dont know when someone’s head is gonna be twisted off, or when the person’s heart is gonna get ripped out. the vampire swoops down on its human prey faster than you can blink and then when they bite there’s blood and screaming and and and.

hahah im not a fan of gore but, thats what makes the show so exciting. and as powerful as vampires are, they are vulnerable too. you dont know when a vampire dies because of a stake through the heart because humans have cool gadgets like stake shooting guns and wooden bullets. so there’s a very balanced war between the two and there are nice, sexy vampires too :D Kelly Hu, Malese Jow and Katerina Graham aree hottt :D and Nina Dobrev’s voice is uber sexy.

haha damn im left with one more episode before its the end of the first season. gonna take awhile before the second one comes out ): oh well, at least there is gonna be a second season :D

11 more days!


I LOST MY IPOD TOUCH. i cannot believe it. it was because i was rushing to tuition and i was late and i didnt even take it out of  my bag it must have dropped out and i didnt realise until the end of tuition that it was gone and i couldnt rmb which company the taxi was from but i guessed it must have been the smrt one so i called the cab company which broadcasted my plea to all the smrt taxis in singapore and no one got back to me. i just typed that insanely long and incoherent message because im still very sad i lost it ): and i cant believe that city and comfort cab lost and found hotline only operates on wkdays 10-8pm. WTF. and i lost it at 8+pm on a FRIDAY. super lazy of them can.

argh and it was just a wk ago i took a taxi and was talking to the uncle abt people losing stuff in the taxi. he was telling me some taxi drivers always just steal the item cuz its alot of trouble and paperwork to make a report and its easier if they kept it. but mine could have been a cheebye taxi uncle or an asshole-next-passenger. its definitely one of the above and some people are just. so. effing. screwed. argh. veryvery sad ):

anw kick ass is a very weird movie HAHAHA. its got very pseudo-kill bill scenes with gore and legs being chopped off but its got quite a nice story line. and i’ve always been a fan of superheroes HEHEHE (justice league, totally spies :X and TEEN TITANS OMGOMGOMG) so I LOVE HIT GIRL!! SHE IS DAMN AWESOME CAN. her kungfu and weapon wielding skills are damnn good hahahahah and she’s very cute. and i liked how kick ass blasted the dad with the bazooka.

go watch! haha but its probably not very nice to the average person. and im tiredd. worked 5 days in a row alr! its been a long while (my pitiful florist days) since i used to do that so im pretty zonked out. sigh. gonna sleep soon.

nites world.

p.s. im still praying some kind soul returns me my ipod touch ):


many people’s birthdays this month argh. getting broke because of the presents ahahah.  and different people have different ways to celebrate their birthdays so being bored im gonnaa talk abt 3 kinds.

there is the social butterfly party. you can tell by the huge number of people at the party. of course, the people must be of similar age to the birthday boy or it wouldnt count. having relatives cousins nephews and nieces swarm your party wouldnt qualify you to be under this category. the social butterfly spends less than 15mins with each group of friends and at the end during the cake-cutting session he takes a picture with every group. usually the many different groups invited are there to increase the present count and have their picture taken to attest to the social butterfly’s social butterfly-ing skills. such birthday parties arent really meant for talking. its more of eating finger food, drinking (to get drunk and forget such a party existed), social butterfly-ing and taking pictures to prove that all the above happened. but of course, this saves alot of unnecessary time arranging many different appointments with the different groups of friends, AND, presents come in all at once :D

then there is the catching up kind of party. where the birthday boy meets his many groups of friends separately for cosy chillout catching up sessions with inexpensive food, controlled amounts of alcohol and very very comfortable seats. instead of 15mins, each group of friend gets 3 hours with the birthday boy to catch up. the friends are much closer to the birthday boy because hi, bye, how’re you, happy birthday, here’s your present cannot last more than the 15mins granted in the social butterfly party. but of course, this would mean the birthday boy is extremely free because he can afford to meet so many different groups of people at different times and locations.

and of course there’s the couple party. in this case, the birthday boy spends his time with his girlfriend most probably eating at a very nice restaurant thats comfortable. the whole setting is very intimate and there is very little photo taking. alot of talking is done because this 3 hours are dedicated to one special person. the present is usually more well-thought about and alot more personal or expensive (you can only choose one. nobody’s that lucky) of course, to get to this stage, birthday boys have to be lucky enough to be attached to fulfill the most important requirement of such a party.

argh i am really bored i dont even think that made sense. HAHA.

anw went for nus medical checkup today. i HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE injections/blood-drawing and URINE SAMPLING. i hate needles and i get slightly oozy at the sight of blood. thank god i didnt get into medicine. though sadly, i’d still be using needles and seeing blood in the future. sigh. robert did me a great favour by telling me the blood-drawing process was extremely painful. turned out, i didnt even know the needle went in and when it was done cuz it really didnt hurt at all. and i was busy looking in the other direction with my eyes closed. i know that it doesnt make sense to close my eyes since i alr wasnt looking at it but i guess it helped psychologically HAHA. but after the whole thing, she put the alcohol swab on the wound and IT HURT LIKE HELL. damn it. haha. and i hate it when i have to give a pee sample. i thought they now have the stick of paper thing with colour that you pee on! its so much more convenient. they gave us this cup that looks like the ones you can get at yami yoghurt when you ask to try their yoghurt so that its REALLY open (its not even a bottle!) so you could spill it any moment. its damn sick. and its so thin i could feel the warmth of my pee on my fingertips while i was transporting the filled cup.

kan nee naa.

and tuition got cancelled last minute today ()*%@#)%*(@#



i loved it. haha im a sucker for mythology/fantasy/magic/action. i loveee lotr, harry potter and related stuff like clash of the titans. hohoho i find it very fascinating when the gargoyles transforms into Hades, when the Kracken appears from the ocean, when the pegasus-es fly AND WHEN MEDUSAA SLITHERS. i like mystical creatures :D i love reading terry brooks and i love reading about wizards/witches. i love xmen, justice league and TEEN TITANS :D oh crap i sound damn childish. but i like. i really really like. HEHE.

some people say the movie’s horrible because its a very poor reflection of actual greek mythology. i say, I DONT KNOW GREEK MYTHOLOGY so i dont care :D i loveee it. but i dont know where Poseidon went! or maybe he was one of the random gods up in the heavens and i didnt notice him. and the ending’s abit lame. i thought while he was chasing the gargoyle the gargoyle was damn stupid la he made one effing large round just to head near the Kracken again so to give the main character the chance to kill it. wtf shouldnt he have flown really far away?! lol.

i have serious discipline issues. today i wanted to swim at 3pm. so i took a nap at 2pm and set my alarm for 3. turned out i snoozed it and slept all the way till 530. wtf. had to rush dinner and head out. i neeed an exercisinggg buddy! lee guang ming faster ord can.

ok im gonna head to sleep now in an attempt to wake up real early tmr to exercise. i hope i wake up.



i watched how to train your dragon! its an AWESOME show seriously. the dragon’s really cute, so is the main character and the whole story’s really cute :D and i like the ending! its not overly good and its not sad. so yes, veryvery nice show. i also watched man who watch goats or smth like that. comedy’s okay la, but i thought the show on the whole was pretty lame. zzz and very confusing haha. so i dont know if the psych stuff is for real or not. i could use some psychic powers man, like phasing through walls or mind control. damnn.

oh! i went rollerblading at east coast park on fridayy. it was friggin hot, sun was scorching and my face and back got burnt. peeled slightly but its not too bad haha. rollerblading is awfully painful! we bladed for 2 hours but after the first i felt blisters on the inner sides of my feet and it was killing me. haha its nt that tiring but the pain was making it veryy difficult to continuee :/ managed to survive all the way back to the shop and ended up with veryvery premature blisters hahaha. thank god. ohoh, and we all are very glad we’re one step closer to having a toned ass, calf and thigh. ok that sounded wrong.

on a sidenote, i gave up a trip to florida for financial stability. i have a feeling i might just regret it but i’ve come to terms with the fact that im nt very affluent. i take pride in nt taking money from my parents (ok except phonebill HAHA) and im especially proud that i paid 100% of my bangkok trip myself. im barely surviving with my meager pay and almost non-existent part-time assignments, but at least its my money. haha this is sad talk from a poor working student (to-be) but i guess sometimes as much as i wished i was born with a silver spoon i know that’s not gonna happen.

on the sidenote, im quite tired. tired of drama, tired of complicated sticky situations. its impossible to please everyone around us. rawr.


what i love abt shopping in bangkok is the bargaining. it doesnt matter if the item is way cheaper than what it’ll cost in singapore, the kick you get out of bargaining is priceless. the whole art of sa3 jiao1-ing (to somewhat flirt) with the salesperson (usually very flirty aunties) is very hard to master. you cut too low you’ll kill their interest in making the sale, you dont cut low enough you wont get the maximum pleasure out of the whole transaction. hence out of boredom, i’ve derived the dummy’s guide to bargaining! with no guarantee it’ll work of course :D

firstly, as a standard procedure in all potential transactions, cut the price by half as much as you can. i.e if its 100baht you go 60! of course if its 10baht please dont tell her you want 5. its abit shamless to buy something for less than 25cents. and remember, at all times, speak VERY very flirt-ily.

second step. if you sense ANY sign of hostility, please adhere to the following steps.

1. give a very sheeeepish smile.

2. say a very elongated “please” with the cutest possible eye expression you can force out of yourself. if you can make your eyes a little wet for that sparkling finish it’d be perfect.

3. use an excuse. if you’re below 30 (but dont look like 40) tell her you’re a student who’s struggling to make ends meet and that your holiday is financed by your savings derived from desperate measures like self-starvation.

after which, if the hostility disappears, carry on with the next step. if hostility worsens, please shave as little as possible from the original price whilst gaining maximum bargaining pleasure and carry on with the transaction. you wouldnt want thai sales aunties throwing voodoo spells at you.

third step. once the aunty starts to gain interest in your very sad plight, work upwards from the half mark. ie. you say 65baht instead of 60. the trick is to keep going until the maximum price you are willing to pay and then say very firmly yet in a very friendly tone with a very wide smile (dont forget!) “if you give me (insert price you are willing to pay) i WILL buy!” well if that doesnt work, repeat step 3.

after the three main steps, you would have completed the transaction. the trick is then to give them as exact an amount as you can (you dont want them to see your 1000baht note after claiming you dont have money) and then when they return you your change (or pass you your merchandise) you must say a very exaggerated khap kun kraaaap to thank them for the very successful transaction. no matter how pissed off they are, a genuine thai greeting will make everything happy again :D

THE END. hahaha.

ok back from bangkok, back to reality. im a poor poor boy now ):


IM BACK! safe and sound. i think the worry over the protests is seriously unnecessary. oh well, our trip wasnt meant for the timid anw so.. KUDOS TO THE TRIP THAT ALMOST GOT CANCELLED.

day 1:

arrived at the airport at 6:30 checked in and it was a mad rush cuz kelvin only arrived JUST before the closed the check-in counter. ahaha. anw, all of us had damn little sleep so we knocked out on the plane. upon arrival, we cabbed to le platinum residency which was a really small cosy hotel with good service. well at least by some of their receptionists haha. unpacked a little, before taking the BTS (train system) to pinky tailor. ITS REALLY AWESOME. hahaha they have very friendly staff, excellent service and though the shirts/suits are a little pricey they are really fitting. and cool thing is, every customer has  a profile so if you ever need more shirts can go online and order and they’ll deliver. how awesome is that! after which we went to mbk, and platinum to shop. lunch was at greyhound cafe somewhere in siam which was quite good. for the atmosphere and deco of the place the price was pretty cheeap. dinner was supposed to be at lek seafood but we got wrong directions from the staff at the train station so we ended up walking amongst the sleazy streets of patpong and saladaeng where they were trying to sell sex dvds and pingpong show tickets. finally settled for dinner at a jap restaurant in the midst of all the sleaziness which had like 10 people serving only 3 of us! we were like the only customers but the food wasnt too bad. a little pricey but for the service it was okay. dropped by family mart to get water before heading back to hotel!

day 2:

we woke up and headed to chatuchaaak. i thought the place wasnt very nice. it was FRIGGIN hot and i wasnt in the mood to try on shirts/tshirts cuz i was already sweating. but the food was AWESOME. we had like freshly barbecued large prawns with super refreshing not-too-spicy dipping sauce which was just amazing. there was also dough-y sausages and meat balls and sweetened strawberries with sour plum powder!! we also had fresh fruit juice and this VERY VERY AWESOME and sinful three-layered pork with ultra crispy skin and uber salty oil oozing with every bite. plus very nice chilli dipping sauce. i miss it already ): didnt find anything to buy there cuz we werent really exploring and i couldnt see anything nice ): didnt even see the nicee berms shop that supposedly exists somewhere inside that disgustingly large maze.  after that we headed off to siam discovery centre and siam square. ate lunch at au bon pain which was quite reasonably priced haha before heading into their very haji-lane/bugis shopping area. quite a good place for shopping but didnt buy anything :/ couldnt find nicee berms. OH! they have A&W there and veryvery nice pudding milk tea! bubble tea ftw. we grabbed dinner at lek seafood because we missed out on it on the first night and its got cheap nice seafood :D crispy fried baby crab is awesome. headed back to the hotel before heading out into the sleazy streets to drink and people watch. hahaha damn boring la i think we went at the wrong time. peak hour was over and all the hot people probably headed back to the hotels already for after-drink action and only the lonely unattractive ones were left sitting miserably at the bars.

day 3:

woke up, headed to pinky tailor to try on the shirts we made! after which we headed to siam square again for lunch at A&W which wasnt very good. standard has dropped significantly even their curly fries arent as awesome as before. after which we went for a TWO HOUR traditional thai massage haha. it wasnt very painful, only at certain pressure points, was pretty relaxing. dozed off occasionally and desperately had to try keeping our farts in. super embarrassing to fart in the face of the masseurs la! kns but they press press press all the gas inside the body will rush to any available opening. after which we had dinner at king kong WHICH WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME. its 450baht for yakiniku buffet. i love meat buffets hahaha. the meat is damn imba, with the best being the pork and the BACON. damn sinful la the bacon has TONS of fats but its really, just mouthwatering deliciously nice. ITS THE BEST. with the red sweet sauce and raw diced garlic, food is friggin awesome. for just 450baht its free flow drinks and meat and vegetables. WHERE GOT SUCH GOOD DEAL IN SINGAPORE?! and service is good too :D dessert comes free too! hahaha.

all in all, bangkok was awesome (: great food great prices and greeaaat company (:

1. taxis are cheaper than tuktuks. or either that you’ll have to bargain really well. NEVER TAKE A TUKTUK!

2. air is super polluted. hence taxis are the more preferred choice of transport :D

3. any thai cuisine is always spicy even if you request for it to be non-spicy.

4. if you cant take spicy food like yours truly, go for FRIED :D

5. road side food is damn awesome.

6. i wanna go back to bangkok :D


off to thailand in 5 hours! and i’ll have to wake up in a miserable 2 hrs.


hopefully thailand will be veryyy peaceful, friendly and full of cheapass shop spots. i pray.

anw today was maadd. having not bathed for 24 hrs i went from northeast to the west to northeast again before again heading to the west. rawr. awful waste of transport moniesss. and was thrown into the pool at a bbq and ended up playing munchkins with soaked undies and pants. very nice. had to also wet the backseat of a taxi and had to deal with the very uncomfortable feeling of a soaked ass. it felt like i wet my pants.

veryvery nice. hahaha

and playing board games at a games cafe is horribly expensive! its more worth it buying the game itself. and my stupid microsoft office isnt working %)(*@#()%

goodnight and goodbye :D


bangkok this sat! im nt sure if im still going becausee of the red and yellow people. but plane ticket is non-refundable and i could use an overseas trip! and afterall i’ve been saving moneyy to go shopping there so.. WHY WASTE IT! haha. damn.

anw cheerleading nationals was a very nicee experience. haha. but im nt the rah-rah kind who can indulge in self-high-ness with reeeeaaalllyyyyyyyy wideeeee smiles. but it was quite good finally feeling the nervousness you get before a competition after not competing for 3 years. anw im finally done collecting my yami yoghurt chops! have to claim the free cup before the 31st of march. took me long enough haha. lub yami yoghurt with wheatgerm.

waseehhh i woke up at 5am today to catch the first bus to town. ITS BEEN AGES SINCE I EVEN WOKE UP BEFORE SUNRISE. im damn tired now. maybe i should catch some rest before heading out for training later. but im feeling awfully lazy. %)(#%%@#&


so my tummy problem took abt a wk to disappear since i came back from china. life’s baack to normal. i work alot less nowadays and i really appreciate the extra free time. more sleep, more time for catching up and more time to think.

caught alice in wonderland and green zone. alice in wonderland is really okay haha. i totally forgot the story that we read about when i was little but the moviee was okay. green zone on the other hand is really awesome! i like how its an army show (nice urban ops lol) and how questions the true intentions of the war in iraq. i also liked the deep deep conversations that matt damon had with the general. tsk, nt that im very intellectual. oh well. ITS JUST A VERY GOOD SHOW. haha.

to be honest, im pretty satisfied with where i am right now in life. im nt earning alot like my peers, im nt even going back to training with the national team, it seems like i dont have a goal/focus in life right now. but im satisfied. and im really satisfied with being in retail/service industry. its smth i’ve never tried before and i think the experience is very well worth the time im spending on it. a part of me wants to go back to competitive gymnastics, but i stand to lose all the freedom i’ve got from not returning to intensive training. im still undecided yo. and its nt the only thing im undecided about. life’s got too many choices and the risks of making the wrong choices make you want to sit on the fence. but sometimes we sit on it too long we risk losing out on certain opportunities. life oh life.

would you feel like an useless if people asked you questions that you were supposed to know the answers to but didnt?

i know i would.