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Archive for December 2007


December 31, 2007

yayy its the new yr and im nt gonna make resolutions cuz i nv kept to any. so anw spent the last few days quite meaningfully :D trying to do as many things before enlisting. on the way home today, i was on the bus and there was this really fat indian man. but im […]


December 21, 2007

yay so we’re back frm msia. it was ok la (: day 1: we reached msia and we wasted 2 hrs sitting in the hotel lobby cuz the dumbasses couldnt find our hotel booking. but anw the hotel was a nice place :D so finally after we managed to book in we had to pay […]

December 15, 2007

omg. super cute (: HEEHEEEE and her name’s ah-xuan. and i talked to her :D supeeeeer cute. let me tell you a secret. i put her picture on the wall beside my bed so i can look at her every night before i sleep. DAMN CUTE LAAAA ((: and its almost 2am. slept at like […]


December 14, 2007

ok after nt blogging for sooo long. a few things have happened (: firstly a levels. HAHA im finally done with all the mugging and am proud to say i think i wont do too badly (: like i wont fail everything :D hoho. and then seagames. disappointed but then again theres nothing that can […]