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Archive for September 2008

i-robot 2

September 30, 2008

EAGLE EYE IS JUST LIKE I-ROBOT OMG. its so stupid ): haha. at first the movie looks REALLY NICEE and everything and the plot seems really cool. but once you find out the mastermind is the friggin computer database (EXACTLY THE SAME AS I-ROBOT) it gets really lame :/ but at least its a little […]

September 25, 2008

i dont get the big hoohaa abt piracy. downloading music and watching pirated dvds. Have they thought how big the friggin income gap is between celebrities and normal lower-middle class people like us. seriously. watched this entertainment shit at claire’s hse. they showed a few celebrities houses and WTF. i think it was fifty cent. […]

HEE (:

September 24, 2008

i passed my basic theory tesT!! hahaha. YAY. :D actually im so happy cuz the test is really easy. and even the hordes of banglas taking it can pass it. hence if i were to fail, i’d probably be deemed the stupidest person alivee. but yay :D heh. oh anw abt the pics for the […]


September 21, 2008

today was shueli and yingchern’s farewell. i wish them all the best in their future endeavours heh (: damn tired. just reached home, bathed and now getting ready to slp. waking up in like 4.5hrs :/ i neeeddd more sleep. haha gdnight (: post pictures/blog tmr.


September 14, 2008

today i met up with a bmt friend. it was a nice meeting, we ate at canelle. which seriously owns. cuz it looks really highclass, but it isnt. its affordable(: like a small cake with dimensions 4X4X4 is like 7bucks HAHA. but its really awesome. tastes so good i wanted to try one of every […]

gym power!

September 8, 2008

haha! in this wk’s issue of 8days, theres this “game faceoff” thing that they show china atheletes on their hongkong victory tour. and guess what! haha GYMNASTS take up like 90% of the cover! theres he kexin eating like a pig, the guy gymnasts playing arnd the pommel, pbars and rings, and the underage girls […]


September 7, 2008

outfield was FUN! haha it was seriously the best outfield i’ve ever had (: we even had the junkfood uncle to drive into our campsite to let us buy food! lol.   ok so when i finally returned home on fri, my parents brought me to eat bak kut teh at the one opp. thomson […]