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December 23, 2008

%#()&*%()@#*%()*%()#*()#*% i cant believe we just gt trashed YET AGAIN. we always win, except for the last match. maybe its cuz we’re too tired but its always bad to end on a lousy note!! %()*#)(*_)(_(_(_%(! and it was sooo close.   driving is disgusting. “check blind spot” “check rear mirror” “check side mirror” and it […]

December 22, 2008

i’ve watched ip man and twilight! and both are awesomeee. haha. the guy isnt really gd looking! i think the girl is damn hot btw. i love her voice. and i like the way how the movie is narrated out. makes it more like a story, and yes, you get to hear more of the […]


December 13, 2008

WHAT TO STUDY.   so. difficult. to. decide.   its like deciding what path you take down the journey of life.  and i dont know. i just want a career thats nt the typical office job type. WHICH STILL HAS ENDLESS CHOICES. im still deciding whether to stay in health sector (i am a good […]

looooooooooong day

December 12, 2008

ytd  was such a long busy day. i woke up at 730am (AMAZING RIGHT) and went running with my parents lol. after that, came home, bathed and straight away left for the airport to send benteo off. yes that little bitch is going to bask in fun and slackness and draw 1.7k pay in taiwan. […]