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January 31, 2009

A recent study will have men shaking in their boxers if they choked the chicken a bit too much in their younger years. Researchers at the University of Nottingham have determined that men who masturbate often in their 20s and 30s are far more prone to developing prostate cancer. The scientists surveyed 800 men and […]

January 28, 2009

i like this pictureee. because, it actually reminds me of how great the feeling is when you soar into the air. really, beats the feeling of booking into camp.   i have played tennis 3 times in the past 5 days! haha. AND I STILL SUCK. maybe its cuz we can hardly even hit the […]

January 22, 2009

i like this picture! and it’s all fate. me and chris are in the same unit now, me and robert have been neighbours and classmates since young, and ivan… HMM. he’s just some non-chinesehigh loser who tried to join hwachong :D and i miss school so much. its like i hated waking up at 630 […]

January 21, 2009

we came from different places, with one thing in common. im glad i met all these people (: my stomach still feels damn shitty :/  gdnight


January 19, 2009

i havent been so sick in a long long time. it’s been a really long time since i’ve even vomitted. its disgusting. we watched red cliff 2! its ok la. haha. so after our usual sat night outing (with the night spent at galen’s hse), i came home, took a bath and went to slp […]


January 11, 2009

another 10 more months till freedom. im waiting.   one year has passed so quickly!! yet i still vividly rmb everything that happened during bmt. i think bmt’s really fun actually, and i kinda miss it. running/marching everywhere, having the impossible task to clean the bunk, and bitching sessions abt the commanders. IT WAS DAMN […]


January 4, 2009

WE DIDNT GET TO SIT THE SPACESHOT WTF. bloody weather decided to rain JUST when it was our turn to take the ride. and everyone ran for shelter and started camping at different locations so even if we stayed back for the ride we would have had to re-queue for it. and those with umbrellas […]