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March 29, 2009

it wasnt a dance concert. it was performances by the cultural activities club. i didnt know a cultural exchange session could/would cost so much. but i did learn new things. like how the angklung can actually play mamamia, or that samantha looked really bimbo in her cheerleading suit. other than that, we were cheering for […]


March 29, 2009

we’re through to the finals for youth beyond boundaries!!!! haha! and we were the top amongst the 6 teams at heartland arena (opposite cat high), which was really quite a surprise haha. becausee we got owned by the zorb ball thing and the next few games they refused to tell us our standings so we […]


March 22, 2009

tennis umpiring was fun! haha it was quite a cool experience. i’ve never umpired before and i thought it’d be alot more complicated and difficult, but it was surprisingly easy!! other than some controversial line calls which dissed off some indians, it was quite manageable. but then again, you cant make everyone happy. always one […]


March 18, 2009

today i saw the most useless and retarded doctor in my life. i walked in, and he still sounded a tad bit professional doc – so how can i help you today? me – -i tell him abt my problem- doc – so… how do you think we can cure it? WTF?! i mean, hello? […]

old bitch.

March 15, 2009

I WAS ASSAULTED TODAY. by some old, wrinkled, half-dead skank who was SUCH A BITCH!!! i was driving, and had to turn into my tutee’s condo. but that slut refused to give way (when i tried to change lane) even though it was so god damn close to the turn. so fine, not wanting to […]


March 14, 2009

driving is horrible. i’d rather be driven around then drive others. but its only really convenient when you’re going out late at night and there’s no public transport left so instead of taking the cab you get to drive. fri after booked out went to j8 to get kiat, then went sch to get galen […]

March 8, 2009

this wk was really long haha. had like 5 days of no camp. played so much lan. left4dead especially that i am so bored of shooting zombies and hunters/witches/smokers/boomers dont scare me anymore. and i tried the 8days chocolate truffles recipe!! haha. it turned out pretty ok. as in the chocolate tastes good (why would […]


March 3, 2009

i PASSED my driving test!! ahhaha on the first try! it was damn scary and my legs were wobbling like jelly/pudding/anything thats super wobbly. and so i screwed up manymanymany times but guess what! i still passed haha. must mean im gooooooooood :D anw, we’re taking part in youth without borders. dont ask me why, […]