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January 31, 2010

today at coaching, we had some rearranging of classes. two children refused to train when they were transferred out of my class. ended up they got transferred back to me. oh em gee, heartwarming to the max can. but i also learnt how ridiculously underpaid i am. which pissed me off quite seriously today. but […]

happy birthday (:

January 30, 2010

today marks a new year in someone’s life. a new year brings about new experiences, people, surroudings and responsibilities. but it also means if the people who are around you havent left, we’ve stayed a year longer (: i made two boys cry today. nice.


January 29, 2010

bad hairday. my head got shaved and now i look like an NSF. even yj asked why i cut army hair. wtff man. i need to stay at home and away from everyone. i cant go out like that. anw prawning was eventful. we caught an insanely low amount of prawns but HEY. as we […]

tonight, imma fight till we see the sunlight.

January 28, 2010

i broke an effing vase at work today. chaocheebye. hahaha actually it didnt really break. it kinda chipped. with a really long-assed crackline going all the way down. and there were only two small pieces of broken glass :D hahaha boss was being very nice. i tried to give my most innocent look/smile/face and pointed […]

we fear death so much that we dont allow it to be an option.

January 25, 2010

i cant stop coughing or sneezing! and i watched daybreakers! the show’s really not lousy. there’s just smth abt it that doesnt make it good. im nt too sure what it is but it might be the lousy effects slotted in at random moments in an attempt to make it look cool. haha. but it […]

and it goes on.

January 24, 2010

today was damn dulan. i lost my voice so i couldnt shout. and the kids were ultra naughty today, misbehaving like they were on drugs. honestly if i was in china i would have slapped every single one of them little bitches. i was feeling like crap so i couldnt be mr nice. and i […]

fuck this shit

January 23, 2010

when life is down, it’s fucking hell. im honestly pissed, but I can’t bring myself to be pissed. everything’s pent up, nth feels good. and I still dont understand. it’s a damn struggle within me. nth’s going right. I lost my voice shouting at kids at coaching today. one kid hit his mouth on his […]

phone call

January 22, 2010

-phone rings- me: hello? guy: -distortion- me:hello? guy: hello? -puts down phone- im preparing for work so i already didnt feel like answering the phone. -phone rings the second time- me:hello? guy:hello? me:hello?! (im pissed. i dont understand why the person calling must say hello? after the person who receives the call answers with a […]

its been almost a year.

January 21, 2010

omg the last time i blogged was apr 19th. wtf. thats a hiatus of like 9months! why the sudden comeback? because i realised, by documenting my life this way, its easier to look back on it next time. what have i done in the past 9 months? 1. finished my nsf term 2. went to […]