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the art of bargaining

March 31, 2010

what i love abt shopping in bangkok is the bargaining. it doesnt matter if the item is way cheaper than what it’ll cost in singapore, the kick you get out of bargaining is priceless. the whole art of sa3 jiao1-ing (to somewhat flirt) with the salesperson (usually very flirty aunties) is very hard to master. […]


March 30, 2010

IM BACK! safe and sound. i think the worry over the protests is seriously unnecessary. oh well, our trip wasnt meant for the timid anw so.. KUDOS TO THE TRIP THAT ALMOST GOT CANCELLED. day 1: arrived at the airport at 6:30 checked in and it was a mad rush cuz kelvin only arrived JUST […]


March 26, 2010

off to thailand in 5 hours! and i’ll have to wake up in a miserable 2 hrs. i.need.power.nap. hopefully thailand will be veryyy peaceful, friendly and full of cheapass shop spots. i pray. anw today was maadd. having not bathed for 24 hrs i went from northeast to the west to northeast again before again […]


March 24, 2010

bangkok this sat! im nt sure if im still going becausee of the red and yellow people. but plane ticket is non-refundable and i could use an overseas trip! and afterall i’ve been saving moneyy to go shopping there so.. WHY WASTE IT! haha. damn. anw cheerleading nationals was a very nicee experience. haha. but […]

March 16, 2010

so my tummy problem took abt a wk to disappear since i came back from china. life’s baack to normal. i work alot less nowadays and i really appreciate the extra free time. more sleep, more time for catching up and more time to think. caught alice in wonderland and green zone. alice in wonderland […]


March 2, 2010

IM BACK FROM CHINA! haikou is veryvery undeveloped. apparently the tourism board there has only been set up recently so there are many things left unsettled and things are messy. hence the widespread existence of scamming tour guides. we were scammed like a gazillion times i cant believe how cheap the china people are. and […]