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so my tummy problem took abt a wk to disappear since i came back from china. life’s baack to normal. i work alot less nowadays and i really appreciate the extra free time. more sleep, more time for catching up and more time to think.

caught alice in wonderland and green zone. alice in wonderland is really okay haha. i totally forgot the story that we read about when i was little but the moviee was okay. green zone on the other hand is really awesome! i like how its an army show (nice urban ops lol) and how questions the true intentions of the war in iraq. i also liked the deep deep conversations that matt damon had with the general. tsk, nt that im very intellectual. oh well. ITS JUST A VERY GOOD SHOW. haha.

to be honest, im pretty satisfied with where i am right now in life. im nt earning alot like my peers, im nt even going back to training with the national team, it seems like i dont have a goal/focus in life right now. but im satisfied. and im really satisfied with being in retail/service industry. its smth i’ve never tried before and i think the experience is very well worth the time im spending on it. a part of me wants to go back to competitive gymnastics, but i stand to lose all the freedom i’ve got from not returning to intensive training. im still undecided yo. and its nt the only thing im undecided about. life’s got too many choices and the risks of making the wrong choices make you want to sit on the fence. but sometimes we sit on it too long we risk losing out on certain opportunities. life oh life.

would you feel like an useless if people asked you questions that you were supposed to know the answers to but didnt?

i know i would.

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