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bangkok this sat! im nt sure if im still going becausee of the red and yellow people. but plane ticket is non-refundable and i could use an overseas trip! and afterall i’ve been saving moneyy to go shopping there so.. WHY WASTE IT! haha. damn.

anw cheerleading nationals was a very nicee experience. haha. but im nt the rah-rah kind who can indulge in self-high-ness with reeeeaaalllyyyyyyyy wideeeee smiles. but it was quite good finally feeling the nervousness you get before a competition after not competing for 3 years. anw im finally done collecting my yami yoghurt chops! have to claim the free cup before the 31st of march. took me long enough haha. lub yami yoghurt with wheatgerm.

waseehhh i woke up at 5am today to catch the first bus to town. ITS BEEN AGES SINCE I EVEN WOKE UP BEFORE SUNRISE. im damn tired now. maybe i should catch some rest before heading out for training later. but im feeling awfully lazy. %)(#%%@#&


2 Responses to “bangkokk”

  1. you were competing in cheerleading nats?!

  2. ya. isnt. it. stated. haha still need to ask meh

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