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off to thailand in 5 hours! and i’ll have to wake up in a miserable 2 hrs.


hopefully thailand will be veryyy peaceful, friendly and full of cheapass shop spots. i pray.

anw today was maadd. having not bathed for 24 hrs i went from northeast to the west to northeast again before again heading to the west. rawr. awful waste of transport moniesss. and was thrown into the pool at a bbq and ended up playing munchkins with soaked undies and pants. very nice. had to also wet the backseat of a taxi and had to deal with the very uncomfortable feeling of a soaked ass. it felt like i wet my pants.

veryvery nice. hahaha

and playing board games at a games cafe is horribly expensive! its more worth it buying the game itself. and my stupid microsoft office isnt working %)(*@#()%

goodnight and goodbye :D


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