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IM BACK! safe and sound. i think the worry over the protests is seriously unnecessary. oh well, our trip wasnt meant for the timid anw so.. KUDOS TO THE TRIP THAT ALMOST GOT CANCELLED.

day 1:

arrived at the airport at 6:30 checked in and it was a mad rush cuz kelvin only arrived JUST before the closed the check-in counter. ahaha. anw, all of us had damn little sleep so we knocked out on the plane. upon arrival, we cabbed to le platinum residency which was a really small cosy hotel with good service. well at least by some of their receptionists haha. unpacked a little, before taking the BTS (train system) to pinky tailor. ITS REALLY AWESOME. hahaha they have very friendly staff, excellent service and though the shirts/suits are a little pricey they are really fitting. and cool thing is, every customer has  a profile so if you ever need more shirts can go online and order and they’ll deliver. how awesome is that! after which we went to mbk, and platinum to shop. lunch was at greyhound cafe somewhere in siam which was quite good. for the atmosphere and deco of the place the price was pretty cheeap. dinner was supposed to be at lek seafood but we got wrong directions from the staff at the train station so we ended up walking amongst the sleazy streets of patpong and saladaeng where they were trying to sell sex dvds and pingpong show tickets. finally settled for dinner at a jap restaurant in the midst of all the sleaziness which had like 10 people serving only 3 of us! we were like the only customers but the food wasnt too bad. a little pricey but for the service it was okay. dropped by family mart to get water before heading back to hotel!

day 2:

we woke up and headed to chatuchaaak. i thought the place wasnt very nice. it was FRIGGIN hot and i wasnt in the mood to try on shirts/tshirts cuz i was already sweating. but the food was AWESOME. we had like freshly barbecued large prawns with super refreshing not-too-spicy dipping sauce which was just amazing. there was also dough-y sausages and meat balls and sweetened strawberries with sour plum powder!! we also had fresh fruit juice and this VERY VERY AWESOME and sinful three-layered pork with ultra crispy skin and uber salty oil oozing with every bite. plus very nice chilli dipping sauce. i miss it already ): didnt find anything to buy there cuz we werent really exploring and i couldnt see anything nice ): didnt even see the nicee berms shop that supposedly exists somewhere inside that disgustingly large maze.  after that we headed off to siam discovery centre and siam square. ate lunch at au bon pain which was quite reasonably priced haha before heading into their very haji-lane/bugis shopping area. quite a good place for shopping but didnt buy anything :/ couldnt find nicee berms. OH! they have A&W there and veryvery nice pudding milk tea! bubble tea ftw. we grabbed dinner at lek seafood because we missed out on it on the first night and its got cheap nice seafood :D crispy fried baby crab is awesome. headed back to the hotel before heading out into the sleazy streets to drink and people watch. hahaha damn boring la i think we went at the wrong time. peak hour was over and all the hot people probably headed back to the hotels already for after-drink action and only the lonely unattractive ones were left sitting miserably at the bars.

day 3:

woke up, headed to pinky tailor to try on the shirts we made! after which we headed to siam square again for lunch at A&W which wasnt very good. standard has dropped significantly even their curly fries arent as awesome as before. after which we went for a TWO HOUR traditional thai massage haha. it wasnt very painful, only at certain pressure points, was pretty relaxing. dozed off occasionally and desperately had to try keeping our farts in. super embarrassing to fart in the face of the masseurs la! kns but they press press press all the gas inside the body will rush to any available opening. after which we had dinner at king kong WHICH WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME. its 450baht for yakiniku buffet. i love meat buffets hahaha. the meat is damn imba, with the best being the pork and the BACON. damn sinful la the bacon has TONS of fats but its really, just mouthwatering deliciously nice. ITS THE BEST. with the red sweet sauce and raw diced garlic, food is friggin awesome. for just 450baht its free flow drinks and meat and vegetables. WHERE GOT SUCH GOOD DEAL IN SINGAPORE?! and service is good too :D dessert comes free too! hahaha.

all in all, bangkok was awesome (: great food great prices and greeaaat company (:

1. taxis are cheaper than tuktuks. or either that you’ll have to bargain really well. NEVER TAKE A TUKTUK!

2. air is super polluted. hence taxis are the more preferred choice of transport :D

3. any thai cuisine is always spicy even if you request for it to be non-spicy.

4. if you cant take spicy food like yours truly, go for FRIED :D

5. road side food is damn awesome.

6. i wanna go back to bangkok :D


6 Responses to “bangkokk”

  1. Hey Toon, I liked your post, haha I got to tell that I laughed a lot. Nice! C u around

  2. Im going there in 2 wks!!! =p

  3. alex – HAHA thanks man! hope to see you soon.


  4. pinky tailor? send me their address, dude! I was supposed to be headed to bangkok for songkran in a few days. thankfully, i couldn’t fit it into my schedule at the time of booking.

    your flow of thoughts are quite fluid. you had me grinning like a kid at voodoo spells in a previous post.

  5. drew – ahaha theres actually a map but im too lazy to scan it in. anw you can check http://www.pinkytailor.com! :D but address is like 888/40 Mahatun Plaza Ploenchit Rd. Take exit no.2 or 4 from the BTS skytrain ploenchit station. :D i hope that helps!

  6. thnx alot, dude! i plan to pay them a visit soon for a new office wardrobe.

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