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hate medical checkups.

many people’s birthdays this month argh. getting broke because of the presents ahahah.  and different people have different ways to celebrate their birthdays so being bored im gonnaa talk abt 3 kinds.

there is the social butterfly party. you can tell by the huge number of people at the party. of course, the people must be of similar age to the birthday boy or it wouldnt count. having relatives cousins nephews and nieces swarm your party wouldnt qualify you to be under this category. the social butterfly spends less than 15mins with each group of friends and at the end during the cake-cutting session he takes a picture with every group. usually the many different groups invited are there to increase the present count and have their picture taken to attest to the social butterfly’s social butterfly-ing skills. such birthday parties arent really meant for talking. its more of eating finger food, drinking (to get drunk and forget such a party existed), social butterfly-ing and taking pictures to prove that all the above happened. but of course, this saves alot of unnecessary time arranging many different appointments with the different groups of friends, AND, presents come in all at once :D

then there is the catching up kind of party. where the birthday boy meets his many groups of friends separately for cosy chillout catching up sessions with inexpensive food, controlled amounts of alcohol and very very comfortable seats. instead of 15mins, each group of friend gets 3 hours with the birthday boy to catch up. the friends are much closer to the birthday boy because hi, bye, how’re you, happy birthday, here’s your present cannot last more than the 15mins granted in the social butterfly party. but of course, this would mean the birthday boy is extremely free because he can afford to meet so many different groups of people at different times and locations.

and of course there’s the couple party. in this case, the birthday boy spends his time with his girlfriend most probably eating at a very nice restaurant thats comfortable. the whole setting is very intimate and there is very little photo taking. alot of talking is done because this 3 hours are dedicated to one special person. the present is usually more well-thought about and alot more personal or expensive (you can only choose one. nobody’s that lucky) of course, to get to this stage, birthday boys have to be lucky enough to be attached to fulfill the most important requirement of such a party.

argh i am really bored i dont even think that made sense. HAHA.

anw went for nus medical checkup today. i HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE injections/blood-drawing and URINE SAMPLING. i hate needles and i get slightly oozy at the sight of blood. thank god i didnt get into medicine. though sadly, i’d still be using needles and seeing blood in the future. sigh. robert did me a great favour by telling me the blood-drawing process was extremely painful. turned out, i didnt even know the needle went in and when it was done cuz it really didnt hurt at all. and i was busy looking in the other direction with my eyes closed. i know that it doesnt make sense to close my eyes since i alr wasnt looking at it but i guess it helped psychologically HAHA. but after the whole thing, she put the alcohol swab on the wound and IT HURT LIKE HELL. damn it. haha. and i hate it when i have to give a pee sample. i thought they now have the stick of paper thing with colour that you pee on! its so much more convenient. they gave us this cup that looks like the ones you can get at yami yoghurt when you ask to try their yoghurt so that its REALLY open (its not even a bottle!) so you could spill it any moment. its damn sick. and its so thin i could feel the warmth of my pee on my fingertips while i was transporting the filled cup.

kan nee naa.

and tuition got cancelled last minute today ()*%@#)%*(@#

2 Responses to “hate medical checkups.”

  1. i never knew you were so observant toon. seriously, that’s why urine sampling is so fun. you leave with a greater understanding of how warm your pee can get.

  2. wl – hahaha i think i found that out when i was younger when my pants were dripping with pee. :D

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