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lost my touch.

I LOST MY IPOD TOUCH. i cannot believe it. it was because i was rushing to tuition and i was late and i didnt even take it out of  my bag it must have dropped out and i didnt realise until the end of tuition that it was gone and i couldnt rmb which company the taxi was from but i guessed it must have been the smrt one so i called the cab company which broadcasted my plea to all the smrt taxis in singapore and no one got back to me. i just typed that insanely long and incoherent message because im still very sad i lost it ): and i cant believe that city and comfort cab lost and found hotline only operates on wkdays 10-8pm. WTF. and i lost it at 8+pm on a FRIDAY. super lazy of them can.

argh and it was just a wk ago i took a taxi and was talking to the uncle abt people losing stuff in the taxi. he was telling me some taxi drivers always just steal the item cuz its alot of trouble and paperwork to make a report and its easier if they kept it. but mine could have been a cheebye taxi uncle or an asshole-next-passenger. its definitely one of the above and some people are just. so. effing. screwed. argh. veryvery sad ):

anw kick ass is a very weird movie HAHAHA. its got very pseudo-kill bill scenes with gore and legs being chopped off but its got quite a nice story line. and i’ve always been a fan of superheroes HEHEHE (justice league, totally spies :X and TEEN TITANS OMGOMGOMG) so I LOVE HIT GIRL!! SHE IS DAMN AWESOME CAN. her kungfu and weapon wielding skills are damnn good hahahahah and she’s very cute. and i liked how kick ass blasted the dad with the bazooka.

go watch! haha but its probably not very nice to the average person. and im tiredd. worked 5 days in a row alr! its been a long while (my pitiful florist days) since i used to do that so im pretty zonked out. sigh. gonna sleep soon.

nites world.

p.s. im still praying some kind soul returns me my ipod touch ):


4 Responses to “lost my touch.”

  1. Hmmm, your mood really swings in such a short moment. From being down with your ipod touch getting lost; to being excited over a weird movie.
    By the way, is there a return address on your ipod touch? no incriminating pics inside (i hope not). Or else you’ll be Edison Junior.

  2. haha there’s no return address but there’s TWO contacts with numbers inside which they could call. sigh no one returned it

  3. most of the time, taxi uncle will pocket it. to think again, working as a taxi uncle is shiok at times. they get to see hot sexy girls (if they r working night shift @ ard clarke quay area) n often were ‘tipped’ with wallets, ipod, lap top etc.

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