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for over a century i’ve lived in secret

i’ve been caught up with vampire diaries. ITS DAMN AWESOME. its so exhilarating its addictive. you dont know when someone’s head is gonna be twisted off, or when the person’s heart is gonna get ripped out. the vampire swoops down on its human prey faster than you can blink and then when they bite there’s blood and screaming and and and.

hahah im not a fan of gore but, thats what makes the show so exciting. and as powerful as vampires are, they are vulnerable too. you dont know when a vampire dies because of a stake through the heart because humans have cool gadgets like stake shooting guns and wooden bullets. so there’s a very balanced war between the two and there are nice, sexy vampires too :D Kelly Hu, Malese Jow and Katerina Graham aree hottt :D and Nina Dobrev’s voice is uber sexy.

haha damn im left with one more episode before its the end of the first season. gonna take awhile before the second one comes out ): oh well, at least there is gonna be a second season :D

11 more days!


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