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haikou is veryvery undeveloped. apparently the tourism board there has only been set up recently so there are many things left unsettled and things are messy. hence the widespread existence of scamming tour guides. we were scammed like a gazillion times i cant believe how cheap the china people are. and they prey on young-underpaid-not-part-of-working-force kids like us ): one tourist attraction was to take a ten minute boat ride to see this friggin rock that had two chinese words painted on it. wtf. firstly its such a lame attraction in the sense that the words were PAINTED onto the rock. it isnt naturally occurring or what. i could paint the same words on a rock in guilin and get people to pay to look at it. zzzz. then nevermind. the stupid boat driver drove another 50metres ahead, and upon reaching shore he demanded additional 20rmb from each person. WTF.

crappy food and extremely dirty toilets are also another trait of our wonderful motherland china. lodging was impressively surprising despite all the other very disappointing aspects of the tour. shopping is horrible, and local produce and souvenirs are quite crappy. haha. oh well. trip was otherwise pretty okay.we pretended to be chinese illiterate and went around looking blur about everything. nth really good came out of that other than using our inability to comprehend the chinese language as an excuse to sleep during bus journeys throughout the tour. HEH.

and for our last meal we ate this extremely spicy fried egg which left me unable to sleep that night, and waking up to a whole day of diarrhea. argh. china ftw. oh, and in china, everyone calls you shuai ge/mei nu. its quite enjoyable HAHAHAHA. but we all know they do that just so that you can feel happy being scammed. cheeaaap. and there was this sales girl who screamed at us because we were rambling english in front of her. she was screaming how she would explode if we continued to speak in english. wtf. crazy bitch. and though we did want to see how she’d explode the tour bus was leaving and she seemed abit too crazy to joke with.

oh well back and tired and constantly having to visit the toilet.

lub lub chinaa.




i watched small big soldier! jackie chan is veryvery funny. but i didnt like the sad ending. )(%@#*()#% half of the movie was left unexplained but jackie chan is awesomeee. his wrinkles and eyebags are a scary sign of accelerated aging though. im left with true legend to watch! last kungfuu film. woahwoahwoah and jaychouuu is acting. you wonder why kung fu films need a singer in them (wu zun in 14 blades, wang leehom in big small soldier)

i’ve been very busy recently. working everyday is takinggg its toll on meeee. i dont need eyebagss and outbreaks now :/ and despite working so insanely i still have no money. i spend everythingg on food and transport kanasaiii. inflation is a bitch.

goodnight world.


working at a florist during valentine’s is really quite an experience. worked like hell this whole wk. been out of the house by 8am and back only at midnight. the lack of sleep is really getting to me. (%*@#()%

learning hasnt been more interesting when you’re learning abt skincare products and the miraculous ingredients added to give you healthy, radiant skin. cant wait to start work haha. did you know kiehl’s started out as an apothecary 150 years ago? i didnt.

watched 14 blades and its good! but maybe its cuz im just a sucker for chineseee kungfu pow wow with qing gong and flying darts. but qi yi wu cant act for nuts and the screaming woman with the sm whip has very lame super power. haha and i’ve gone back to watching make it or break it and its really awesome. and taylor swift in the valentine’s day movie is veryvery awesome. not enough screen time %@)#*(%#%

anw happy cny. gotta run, redpacket collection is way behind schedule ):




resigning is harder than i thought, and getting hired is easier than expected.

somehow, im kinda excited and filled with anticipation. but i guess, new things always appeal better but arent necessarily better than the old ones.

<3 yami yoghurt.


today at coaching, we had some rearranging of classes. two children refused to train when they were transferred out of my class. ended up they got transferred back to me. oh em gee, heartwarming to the max can.

but i also learnt how ridiculously underpaid i am. which pissed me off quite seriously today. but thank god i met up with poh. zara and riverisland make me a happy man. but like i said, its just temporary relief. like getting drunk. when the knowledge that im being underpaid for both of my jobs sink in, it’d be like a hardcore hangover. and i’ll get all angsty again.

im dissed, and morning shift tmr. waking up in less than 6hrs.

goodnight world.


today marks a new year in someone’s life.

a new year brings about new experiences, people, surroudings and responsibilities. but it also means if the people who are around you havent left, we’ve stayed a year longer (:

i made two boys cry today. nice.


bad hairday. my head got shaved and now i look like an NSF. even yj asked why i cut army hair. wtff man. i need to stay at home and away from everyone. i cant go out like that.

anw prawning was eventful. we caught an insanely low amount of prawns but HEY. as we were abt to bbq our prawns, the aunty asked me if we were gonna cook our prawns on the spot and i said yes and SHE GAVE US THIS WHOLE BAG OF PRAWNSSS. hahaha with insanely huge prawns. even the guys who were pro at prawning came over and admired them. but of course i admitted we suck at prawning and it was the aunty who gave us the prawns. HAHA. ehh bbqed fresh prawns plus the centre’s chilli is just heavenly. i love the aunty. im already craving the prawns with chilli again. %*@)(%(#%*

im broke :/ and its gonna be the start of feb. PAY’S COMING IN. :D:D i need money. i cant believe i used to survive on my 600buck nsf pay. now even 1k isnt enough. i hate it when people earn more than me and they show it off. HAHAHAH. im a sore fuck, i know.

i need to sleep, coaching tmr. and my voice isnt fully back yet. kids better watch out,  i swear i’ll friggin make you stand and face the wall if you misbehave.

wish me luck.


i broke an effing vase at work today.


hahaha actually it didnt really break. it kinda chipped. with a really long-assed crackline going all the way down. and there were only two small pieces of broken glass :D hahaha boss was being very nice. i tried to give my most innocent look/smile/face and pointed to the broken glass vase. and the conversation was as follows.

boss: “oh, so YOU broke it?”

me: “ya ): ” (oh btw i insert the smiley because i really did try to give a sad look. HAHA)

boss: -stares at me-

boss: -stares at glass vase-

boss: -looks back and me- “alamak” (or was it aiyo. i doubt japanese say the word alamak)

boss: -goes back to work-

HAHAHAHA. damn nice can. nonchalent, i like.

while i was walking in from the bus stop, i saw this car. the engine was on and the driver was slping. THE AIRCON WAS ON LEH. i then remembered that when i was young and still watched channel 8/5 dramas, people used to attempt suicide by sitting in the stationary car with the aircon on. i was stunned. like honestly. i even went to the car and circled it a few times to see if the windows might have been wound down slightly so that he wouldnt die of carbon monoxide poisoning. in the end, the windows were shut tight and i really didnt know if he was dead. but then i was damn scared that if i tried to wake him up it’d be damn embarrassing and since that method of suicide is ancient, i thought MAYBE cars are manufactured to not let their passengers die if the aircon’s on when the car isnt moving. so i went on with my way. shit if i find out he died tomorrow i’d be depressed. please dont die.

tmr’s OFF! going to go prawningg. <3 chockies.